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Digital art exhibit

My Work

I initially created these pieces to illustrate my Master's project, which involved incorporating various 2D nanomaterials into textiles. For more details, please visit my "MA Project" page. This explanation evolved into a series of individual nanoart pieces that involve stacking and rotating multiple mono-layer graphene sheets. Each stack, twist, and rotation fundamentally alters the intrinsic properties of graphene, leading to new discoveries across diverse fields, from biotechnology to fashion textiles and beyond. 

Below are 10x10cm pieces, made from paper. But soon I will have 1x1meter pieces made from various metals. 



Twisted Flower

Moiré patterns can often appear when multiple mono-layer sheets are stacked and roasted on top of each other. This one is one of my favourites and resembles a flower-like pattern within the graphene’s rotations. 


AA Malfunction

There are typical names given when you are stacking graphene. One common stacking is "AA" stacking, where the graphene sheets are put directly on top of each other. However, when you do this, due to the interlayer interactions the sheets tend to "slip or slide" away from each other. 



ABC Stacking

"ABC" stacking of graphene refers to a trilayer arrangement where each layer is shifted relative to the one below, creating a repeating pattern. This results in a very stabilised crystal. 


Cut, Sewn, & Twisted

With a laser it is possible to "cut and sew" new multilayer graphene sheets together in order to achieve even more exciting possibilities within the world of nanomateirals. 

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