A new type of material that has the ability to change from different colours, designs and patterns by the command of a user.

This is a project that proposes how advances in Graphene and Photonic Crystal technology could lead to the creation of completely new colour changing yarns and textiles that could decrease our dependency on synthetic produced dyes and help to reduce the sheer volume of garments that each of us own.

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms that originate from the mineral graphite. The properties for graphene include a strength of 200x stronger than steel, a super conductor, flexibility and transparency.

Adding the Colour

Photonic crystals are natural crystals that are found in plants, animals and insects (such as butterfly wings and beetle shells) when light hits the crystals at various angles it creates their color. Photonic crystals can be synthetically created as artificial opals. Photonic crystals and artificial opals both produce structural color which is a non-pigmented form of color.

Immunotex is a travel wear start-up, designed to help protect travelers from the growing threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The Resistance Runner is a bio-formulated shoe that utilizes cloned bacteriocins and micrococcus in a nutrient broth cocktail; essentially harnessing the bacteria’s own defense system as a protective layer. The special formula is infused into our own fabrication technology that adapts the marine sponge as a scaffold. Antibiotic resistance bacteria have become a serious worldwide public health threat in recent years, and finding alternative approaches to decrease our liability is the only way forward into the Anthropocene epoch. ​

Poemotion1 by Takahiro Kurashima