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My final collection during my BA was inspired by Georges Rousse, a French contemporary artist known for large-scale optical illusions that challenges the viewers sense of perception. I wanted to expand on his painted illusions in a new way by using the human body as my wall and printed fabric as my paint. My illusion works when the three pieces I have created are worn together but if each garment is worn separately the pattern and design on the garment looks misplaced and abstract. I wanted to play on the idea of having people come together in order to create something new.

Underneath the coat was a matching t-shirt and skirt. The skirt has a hidden clutch that can zip in and out of the garment. 

I would like to expand on this project further. as part of the expansion i have started to paint and draw out a new design for the optical illusion series of the box. I will have 7 models that will create one picture when all 7 are standing together. I wanted to play more with color and different design elements with this illusion.

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