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Designer. Researcher. Innovator. 

I have recently completed my Masters Degree at UAL: Central Saint Martins in Material Futures. During this two year masters program I have explored areas in arduino robotics, Bio-Design and future tech. My final year long project was developed around 2D materials. It was a heavy research project that involved collaboration with external scientists from the National Graphene Institute in Manchester UK. 


I started my BA in Fashion Design at The Art Institute of Denver, Colorado USA but then transferred to Paris American Academy in Paris, France in order to complete my degree. In Paris I learned the traditional Haute Couture techniques taught by the technicians from the houses of YSL, Dior and Chanel. I also learned how to speak French.  

I am currently looking and applying for internships, scholarships and jobs in the research and design field. I am an innovative, creative and driven individual that has a true passion for the design field. My portfolio should demonstrate my ability to take risks and execute them properly. My portfolio should also show my creativity and innovation that I bring to each new project. 


As a designer I like to work and incorporate optical illusions into my personal work. I think that illusions give my work a sense of mystery and wonder. I always make sure that what I choose to create is original and innovative. I always push boundaries in order to make sure that what I create is new and unique. I like starting my work with heavy research then applying that into a final product. I personally like using bold colors, patterns and designs.     

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